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"Room” 1984 acrylic paint on wood, canvas.



"The Magic Radio Table”, detail of “Room” 1984
Acrylic paint on wood, private collection



"Mermaid”, detail of “Room” 1984 acrylic paint on wood, bathtub size



"Fan”,  detail of “Room” 1984 acrylic paint on wood

In 1984, I created a site specific piece entitled "Room" at Bob Miliken's Art Bonanza, an exhibition that he created in his rambling apartment above the RCA store on Sherbrooke Street in the NDG neighbourhood of Montreal. This event was part of a burgeoning movement of showing art in alternative spaces, beyond art galleries, museums and artist run centres. Each piece of "Room" was intended as a metamorphosis of the standard appliances of a typical Montreal tenement apartment of the era: gas heater, radio, bathtub,  and electrical fan. Inspired by Eduardo Paolozzi's idea of art as a "metamorphosis of quite "ordinary things into something wonderful and extraordinary", with "Room" I intended to bring a poetic interpretation to these banal objects

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